About us

Team24-7 Hosting solutions is a service provider specializing in DoS/DDoS Protected services, we serve customers in all kinds of needs such as: Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Game Servers, VOIP Servers, FTP Storage, High Performance Proxying / Load Balancing and Web Hosting, providing them with the highest stability and lowest latency possible.

With know-how dealing against DoS/DDoS threats since early 2012, with all sorts of customers such as: Personal Websites, Personal Servers, Personal Networks, Game Publishers, Game Servers, Application Servers, Internet Communities and so on, we’ve been increasing the reliability of our service against all the known DoS/DDoS Attacks, by keeping our customer business Online in sensible situations when the competition couldn’t solve the issue.

The specializing engineering team will make sure to have your application protected and running safely at any cases even when it demands specific work & research around the problem.

We provide customized support by joining the customer on its issues and proposing solutions upon solving existing issues, you can be safe that together us, your business will keep as much as reliable as possible to all your customers.

Our DoS/DDoS Protection layer, consists in an in line system where your services are always protected and ready to mitigate any threat that might interfere with the regular operation, keeping your business and customers always satisfied with your services.

Our infrastructure is composed by redundant power circuits, networks, cold zones, private racks and HP branded hardware, to ensure the best stability and quality in a Tier 2 level Datacenter.

With all the new DoS/DDoS Threats emerging on the market, it is very necessary to have a solid partnership with great and well established enterprises that can supply you with all the needed technology and know-how, and this is why we’ve choose great technology partners, due to its great stability and quality assurance on its technology and solutions improving way more the reliability of our customer business, by keeping up-to-date with the fast and dynamic changes in the internet every day.
Redundant Power Circuits:

Cold Zones:

Private Racks:

HP Branded Hardware: